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Official TIL Press Releases
TIL Awards 1939 to Present
TIL Officers 1939 to Present
TIL Members 1936 to Present
Dallas Morning News Texas Classics Series

Lon Tinkle Award Acceptance Speeches

Gary Cartwright: “How I Got To Be a Writer”
C. W. Smith: “Remembering Lon Tinkle”
Stephen Harrigan: “More Than Anything I Needed People”

Other Speeches by Lon Tinkle Award Winners

Pat Mora: “Cuentos y Cuentistas: the Arc of our Story”
Robert Flynn: “The Future of Texas Literature”


2023: Michael Adams, Wendy Barker, Bobby Byrd, Paul Burka, Rosemary Catacalos, Carol Coffee Reposa, Loretta Diane Walker
2022: Jane Roberts Wood, Walt McDonald, Robert Phillips, Lars Eighner
2021: Larry McMurtry, Leon Hale, James Hoggard, Robert Bonazzi, Jan Reid, Max Evans, Gregg Barrios, Dave Hickey
2020: Bill Wittliff, Wendell Mayo, William Seale, Bob Compton, Don Graham, Jim Lehrer, Bill Sloan, Lonn Taylor
2019: Ted Shine, Ntozake Shange,  Dan Jenkins
2018: Elroy Bode, Audrey Slate, Bill Crider
2017: Gary Cartwright, Tom Curtis, Shelby Hearon, John Miller Morris, Marsh Terry, Thomas Whitbread
2016: Kent Biffle, Dale Walker
2015: Francis Edward Abernethy, Diana Hobby, Kathryn Marshall, Robert Sherrill, Bryan Woolley
2014: Neal Barrett, Jr., Paul Boller, L. D. Clark, T. R. Fehrenbach, Jean Flynn, Lionel García
2013: Larry L. King, Palmer Hall, Mary Margaret Farabee
2012: Allen Maxwell, Annette Shorre Sanford, Maryln Schwartz, Malcolm Dallas McClean, Pete Gent, Tom Pilkington
2011: Max Crawford, Willam H. Goetzmann, Eugene McKinney, Claude Ignatius Stanush, David J. Weber

In Memoriam Videos

Larry Jeff McMurtry (1936-2021) is an American novelist, essayist, bookseller and screenwriter whose work is often set in the old West or contemporary Texas.
John Graves (1920-2013) was an author from Fort Worth whose work focused on the environment and the loss of the frontier in Texas.
Américo Paredes (1915–1999) was a Mexican-American author, scholar and folklorist born in Brownsville who wrote about the bilingual life on the border of South Texas.
Katherine Anne Porter (1890–1980) was a journalist, essayist, short-story writer, and novelist who lived in New York while writing about her hardscrabble life in rural Texas.

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